Divorce. Negotiating settlements, or litigating in Court, both complex contested matters involving marital “fault” as well as simple no-fault divorces.

Child Custody and Visitation. Establishing Court orders and/or agreements for legal and physical custody of children; assisting with crafting appropriate visitation schedules in the best interests of the children, as well as addressing problems with existing visitation; representing clients in relocation cases and third party (non-parent) custody and visitation petitions.

Paternity. Filing court petitions to either establish or refute paternity of a child.

Support (child support and alimony). Helping clients understand child support obligations depending on the custody status and other factors pertinent to the Virginia Child Support Guidelines; obtaining child support orders by agreement or court action; modification of current support obligations as circumstances change. Also assisting clients with obtaining temporary and permanent spousal support, including the assessment of whether or not spousal support is appropriate or available, the amount and the duration of spousal support.

Marital Property & Debt Division. Assisting clients with the fair division of the assets and debts acquired during the marriage, including the division of marital businesses, real estate, retirement benefits, and identifying and tracing separate assets or those assets which would not be considered marital and, therefore, exempt from division in a divorce proceeding.

Protective Orders. Assisting clients who are victims of domestic abuse in obtaining family Protective Orders, as well as defending those clients who have had petitions for Protective Orders and claims of family abuse filed against them.

Step-parent Adoptions. Obtaining consent for adoption, name changes and final Orders of adoption for children whose step-parent wishes to adopt the natural child of his or her spouse.


Legal representation for clients in all stages of criminal investigation and trial, including bond hearings, preliminary hearings, suppression hearings, and jury or bench trials.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges. Defending clients charged with all levels of criminal offenses including, but not limited to, shoplifting, embezzlement, larceny, trespassing, burglary, drug offenses, robbery, sex offenses, simple and aggravated assaults, and homicide.

Alcohol Related Charges. Including Underage possession of alcohol, possession of a fictitious ID, Public Intoxication, and Selling alcohol to a person Under 21.

Drug Possession and Distribution. Including simple possession of marijuana, felony drug possession, drug manufacturing and distribution, and possession and/or distribution of illegal drugs on school property.

Traffic Offenses. Including speeding, reckless driving, improper passing, hit and run, driving suspended or revoked, failure to yield, etc.

DUI and Refusal. Including misdemeanor and felony charges of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs and refusal to submit to a blood or breath test.

Expungement of Criminal Records. Available in Virginia for those who have been acquitted (found not guilty) of a criminal accusation or whose charges have otherwise been dismissed without a finding of guilt.

License Reinstatement. Assisting with restoration of driving privileges for Habitual Offenders, and obtaining restricted operator’s licenses for work or school.

Bond Hearings. Filing bond motions in the Circuit and General District Courts for incarcerated clients to secure their release from jail while their criminal matter is pending.

Probation Violations Representing clients in Circuit Court and General District Court hearings who are being returned to court for an alleged violations of the terms of their probation.